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With the use of top of the line equipment and vacuums, On Call Restoration can transform any water damage on your property into a habitable home once again. We have the most experienced staff trained right and willing to go out to your home and fix it back up, good as new. Call in to get started.

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Our pros are willing to give you a free estimate once they are on the job site. They will be able to walk you through the process easily.

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Our employees are the right team of qualified individuals who know exactly what your home needs and how to get there.

24/7 Emergency Service

When disaster strikes, you’ll need fast response time. Call in to get fast services to your home before any long term damage or mold can occur.

Here at On Call Restoration we want to provide the best services to you and your home so that you can once again relax in your perfectly dry house. Our experienced technicians are very proud of their work and are quite professional. They’ll be able to restore your home’s interior just like it was brand new. This is due to their professional attitude, experience in the field, and state of the art equipment.

Water damage restoration isn’t just done for aesthetic reasons. Leaving the issue can breed mold and mildew in your home, which is best case scenario a pain to clean up, and worst case scenario can cause health and respiratory issues. To avoid all of this, contact a professional at On Call Restoration as soon as you can. They’ll be able to get all the water out of your home and fix the damages promptly.

Want great service at an affordable price?

There’s no limit to the lengths that our staff is willing to go for top tier quality water damage removal. And there are several other services that we offer, such as mold removal, basement waterproofing, mold inspection, water damage, water damage restoration, basement remodeling, fire damage restoration, water damage repair, extraction, damage clean up, damage remediation, mitigation, leak Repair, sewage clean up, and sewage removal.

When you’re in need of fast, professional restoration done right, you’re in need of On Call Restoration. Our friendly pros will go right to the source of the problem and completely dry it out and patch things up. This service is necessary if any flooding has occurred to your home. And water damage restoration is perfect for mold removal as well. So if your home has been hit with more water than you intended, call in the pros.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

One of my kids left the tap on overnight, so in the morning it looked like a tiny river underneath the breakfast table. Good thing On Call are so professional, they had the mess cleared up the same day. I wouldn’t go with anyone else.


Hayden L.

There was a heavy rainstorm and I guess part of my roof just didn’t protect against the weather like it used to. So long story short there was a lot of leaking in my kitchen ceiling. But all it took was one call for professional help to show up.


Sheila O.

The dishwasher sorta… exploded. So that was fun. Once we got the mess all cleaned up we realized some of the water had gotten trapped under the laminate flooring. We feared the worst until the help showed up. Then it was nothing but smooth sailing.


Betty P.

I had a pipe burst in m y home while I was away. Luckily the damage was confined to the basement, but I needed help fast. The pros who showed up were right on time and proceeded to get to work right away.


Lector H.

There wasn't much left that wasn’t damaged in the flood, so we decided we were going to need all the help we could get. Fortunately On Call Restoration came in and made everything sparkle again. The home looks as good as new.


Edna M.

I guess there were some plumbing issues in the house that we didn’t know about it. Figured it was best to just call in the experts. So flash forward to on call cleaning up the mess quickly and effectively. Couldn’t have done a better job myself.


Doug L.



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